Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 210: 2023 Stanley Cup Roundtable

You must be this tall to ride: A seven-site panel gives hawt taeks and expert predictions for this year's playoffs.

Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 210: 2023 Stanley Cup Roundtable

Hockey fans everywhere are counting the minutes until the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs begin. So why not chain them together and make them fight for supremacy?

Wes Lawrence, co-host of DBD's own Stargazing Puckcast, joined fellow commentators from six of our sibling sites to chew the fat and spit hot fire:

This expert panel went series by series in anticipation of the playoffs action. Here's what they talked about:

  • Can anyone stop the Bruins?
  • How much Martin Jones does anyone really need?
  • Does Connor McDavid stay in God Mode?
  • Can the Colorado Avalanche get healthy?
  • How do the Stars deal with actual expectations?
  • And much, much more.

Buckle up, it's going to be a heckuva ride! (Notice: Not responsible for accidents, nausea, coma, death, or any other physical or psychological injuries.) And, as always, our participation is brought to you by our sponsor, Greening Law, P.C.

You must have so many questions about Round 1. Share them in the comments, or flip us a bird @WesALawrence or @KETibbetts. You'll get name-checked in the next podcast, and your pals will be jealous.

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