Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 128: It Only Takes A Minute

The Stars’ fortunes have turned on a dime in 2021. What happens next? Wes, Rob and Mark discuss it.

When we started recording last night’s Stargazing, the Chicago Blackhawks were down 4-1 to the Nashville Predators in the third period. Life moves pretty fast, as the philosopher once observed, and the Preds’ reversal of fortune is now a matter of fairly brutal public record.

It only takes a minute – well, a few great games – for a season to change. And now that everything’s a playoff series, the Dallas Stars have been living the upside of that. Can it last? Wes, Rob and Mark got together to examine the case.

In this edition:

  • Can the Stars’ current goals-for/goals-against recipe keep cooking up victories?
  • With Denis Gurianov finding a couple of new gears, can the team keep rolling at least two dangerous scoring lines?
  • Do they play better when they’re playing desperate?
  • Is it even possible to overestimate the impact of Jason Robertson?
  • What can the Victory Green Gang expect when Tyler Seguin returns from his long hiatus?
  • Does the Jamie Oleksiak-Miro Heiskanen pair mean the Stars have a legitimate top four?
  • And will they get any help at all from the schedule – or their direct competitors?/

What’s your position on coaching?... You might pay big money to know what you really think – but Stargazing is always free.

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