Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 120: Got To Be Real

Where do your favorite Stars stand, stats-wise? Wes and Logan look at the numbers and make some predictions for the next #Disco homestand.

It’s the weekend, and the Dallas Stars are finally home from an enervating road trip that hit some high points but went a little cock-eyed at the wrong times. Who needs to shape up, and who is contributing more than you may think?

Now that the first Columbus Blue Jackets series is over, Wes and Logan dig deep into the numbers. So what’s real about the Stars’ season so far, and what does that tell us about where it will it go from here?

In this episode:

  • Who’s up and who’s down on the power play?
  • Who’s carrying the team at five on five?
  • Who’s drawn the most penalties, and where does it count most?
  • Where are the biggest shocks and surprises in shot differential?
  • How much do standings matter when pandemic protocols are calling the dance?
  • And what will happen when the Chicago Blackhawks hit the AAC on Sunday?/

What meal do you eat to produce anger?... Stay tuned for this, and the Roope Hintz goal horn, in this edition of Stargazing: #Disco Nights.

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