Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 118: #Disco Inferno

Wes and Logan try on a new reality, because the Stars are hot, and the North shouldn’t get all the cool nicknames.

The Dallas Stars are the only undefeated team in the NHL. Let that sink in. And with that, are they about to face their first real test in the Carolina Hurricanes?

It’s time to talk about it, and Wes and Logan are ready. In this episode, they:

  • hang a new nickname on the Discover® Central, because the Scotiabank® North shouldn’t have all the fun,
  • proclaim the mystery of Joe Pavelski,
  • quietly marvel at John Klingberg,
  • celebrate the rookie firsts,
  • and make a couple of weirdly specific predictions for the next series./

How deep is your love roster? Peel slowly and see.

And hey, come on down and be part of the next “Stargazing.” We welcome your puck questions in the comments and on Twitter. You can find us here or @WesALawrence, @LoganStarkChel and @KETibbetts.

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