Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 201: Worried Man Blues

Is it time to panic? Wes and Mark try to talk you (and themselves) down.

Secondary scoring is hard to come by, the power play has dried up, but hey – the Dallas Stars can still lose by one point to any team in the league, no matter how good (or bad, for that matter).

We’ve all seen this team have these problems before, so Wes and Mark catalogued a few of the things they hope to see more (and less) of in the coming weeks. In this episode:

  • Is this a slump, or is this
  • Should the Stars try to shut down 3-on-3 overtime so they can win in the shootout?
  • Or is the answer to sucking less in OT simply to finish the job in regulation more often?
  • And is any change at all too much for a team whose system is, by and large, working?/

How much do you fix with patience, and how much do you fix with change? Let’s talk about all of this, and Stargazing. It’s brought to you by our sponsor, Greening Law, P.C.

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