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Stargazing: A Big D Puckcast

Stargazing, Episode 141: The Post-Draft Podcast

But seriously: How well did the Stars draft this summer? Wes and Derek ask the questions and discuss some answers.

Stargazing, Episode 140: Free Agency Free-For-All 2021

Did you spend most of Wednesday wondering what just hit you? Wes, Mark and Tyler bring straight fire to the Stars’ first day of free agency.

Stargazing, Episode 139: Expansion Draft 2021 Edition

The Stars spent a busy weekend getting ready for an eventful week. What will the team look like next Saturday? Wes, Tyler and Mark read the signs.

Stargazing, Episode 138: Armchair GM, The Prospect Podcast

How healthy is the Stars’ prospect pool? 100 Degree Hockey’s Stephen Meserve joins Mark and Derek to sound the depths and survey the upcoming AHL season.

Stargazing, Episode 137: Armchair GM, Forward Edition

The Stars could use more goals, but where will they get them? Mark and David put all their chips on the table, and serve them with extra salt.

Stargazing, Episode 136: Armchair GM Edition

How will the Stars handle the offseason hazards ahead? Wes, David and Mark start in net and work their way out.

Stargazing, Episode 135: What Is And What Should Never Be

And if we said to you tomorrow, "Your favorite team could win it all"...? Wes, Greg and Tyler examine the postseason stories, and look for the lessons the Stars can learn from them.

Stargazing, Episode 134: Defense And Big D

With silly season looming, Taylor and Wes take a look at the Stars’ blueline identity - and at some of that high-profile trade speculation.

Stargazing, Episode 133: Process And Product

Change the game, or let the game change you? Taylor and Rob discuss the Stars’ system and the comforts of getting uncomfortable.

Stargazing, Episode 132: Postseason Inventory

Summer’s here, and it’s time to catch up on a little paperwork. Taylor and Mark are taking stock and naming names.

Stargazing, Episode 131: Young Hearts Run Free

"MacArthur Park" isn’t playing yet, but the needle is about to drop. Wes and Taylor return to the #Disco, and look to the future.

Stargazing, Episode 130: Keep On Dancing

The Stars are that team for whom nothing is a surprise, whether good or bad. Wes and Mark ponder this truth as the Victory Green Gang prepares to face the music, again.

Stargazing, Episode 129: Don’t Stop The Music

Six games. Ten days. Ten points. Is this...hope we’re experiencing? Wes and Logan take a look at what lies ahead.

Stargazing, Episode 128: It Only Takes A Minute

The Stars’ fortunes have turned on a dime in 2021. What happens next? Wes, Rob and Mark discuss it.

Stargazing, Episode 127: Make That Move

The Stars mostly stood pat at the trade deadline. Without Bishop and Radulov, can they still make their move on a playoffs spot? Wes and Rob examine the case.

Stargazing, Episode 126: The Big Trade Deadline Cast

Wes and Taylor talk for nearly an hour about the Stars and the TDL, which is just more proof that we never can say goodbye.

Stargazing, Episode 125: Turn The Beat Around

The Stars’ future starts at the blueline. Wes and Mark can see it, and it’s beautiful.

Stargazing, Episode 124: Which Way Is Up?

Are the Stars bad, or are they just peculiar? Wes and Logan take inventory.

Stargazing, Episode 123: A Hockey Fantasy

The Stars had a rough February. Can March be any better? Wes and Logan dare to dream.

Stargazing, Episode 122: Heaven Knows

It’s not the way it should be. Wes and Logan discuss the Florida Panthers Referendum Series after an exhausting couple of weeks in the #Disco.

Stargazing, Episode 121: Pick Up The Pieces

The Stars kept Patrick Kane off the score sheet. Believe it or not, this was not the only positive Wes and Logan found in the Chicago series. Buckle up.

Stargazing, Episode 119: Knock On Wood

Wes and Logan discuss the Hurricane series and what puck vision is (and isn’t) after another weekend in the #Disco.

Stargazing, Episode 118: #Disco Inferno

Wes and Logan try on a new reality, because the Stars are hot, and the North shouldn’t get all the cool nicknames.

Stargazing, Episode 117: Are You For Real?

Wes and Logan ponder a killer Klingberg, Captain America’s superpowers, and the Stars’ emergence as — wait for it! — an elite NHL team.

Stargazing, Episode 116: Beforewords

Or is it Be Forwards...? Wes and Logan try to figure out the stand-in Central and how the Stars can catch up after a late start.

Stargazing, Episode 115: Free Agency Free-For-All 2020

Can the Victory Green Gang keep up with the Joneses, and the Avalanche, and the Golden Knights? Logan and Mark take stock.

Stargazing, Episode 114: Hail And Farewell

This improbable Stanley Cup run wasn’t nothing. It just wasn’t the something we were hoping for. Robert sums it up.

Stargazing, Episode 113: You’ve Got Questions

And we respect that. Wes and Logan parse the past two games and preview this weekend’s epic back-to-back.

Stargazing, Episode 112: Stay Close

The Stars may not be "as good" as the Tampa Bay Lightning...and yet look more and more like their match. Wes and Robert discuss why.

Stargazing, Episode 111: Shooting Stars And Nuts And Bolts

The Stars already know how to beat a team that’s supposed to be THAT MUCH better than them. Wes and Robert discuss how they can do it against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Stargazing, Episode 110: The Finals Preview Panel

Started from the bottom, now the whole team’s here. Taylor, Tyler, Mark and Rob savor the moment and settle some scores.

Stargazing, Episode 109: Nitro Burning Funny Cars

The Victory Green Gang have become the heroes of those "Fast and Furious" movies where they save that one big boost for the very last chase. Wes and Robert discuss the odd comforts of Dallas Stars Hockey Mode.