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Stargazing: A Big D Puckcast

Stargazing, Episode 116: Beforewords

Or is it Be Forwards...? Wes and Logan try to figure out the stand-in Central and how the Stars can catch up after a late start.

Stargazing, Episode 115: Free Agency Free-For-All 2020

Can the Victory Green Gang keep up with the Joneses, and the Avalanche, and the Golden Knights? Logan and Mark take stock.

Stargazing, Episode 114: Hail And Farewell

This improbable Stanley Cup run wasn’t nothing. It just wasn’t the something we were hoping for. Robert sums it up.

Stargazing, Episode 113: You’ve Got Questions

And we respect that. Wes and Logan parse the past two games and preview this weekend’s epic back-to-back.

Stargazing, Episode 112: Stay Close

The Stars may not be "as good" as the Tampa Bay Lightning...and yet look more and more like their match. Wes and Robert discuss why.

Stargazing, Episode 111: Shooting Stars And Nuts And Bolts

The Stars already know how to beat a team that’s supposed to be THAT MUCH better than them. Wes and Robert discuss how they can do it against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Stargazing, Episode 110: The Finals Preview Panel

Started from the bottom, now the whole team’s here. Taylor, Tyler, Mark and Rob savor the moment and settle some scores.

Stargazing, Episode 109: Nitro Burning Funny Cars

The Victory Green Gang have become the heroes of those "Fast and Furious" movies where they save that one big boost for the very last chase. Wes and Robert discuss the odd comforts of Dallas Stars Hockey Mode.

Stargazing, Episode 108: Hot Takes And Cold Logic

The Dallas Stars have the Western Conference championship in the palm of their hand. Can they keep this series violent and short? Wes and Robert consider the path.

Stargazing, Episode 107: Running Up That Hill

It must be terrifying to be down a goal to the Dallas Stars right now. Wes and Robert can tell you why.

Stargazing, Episode 106: Finn It To Win It

Or, the title we chose because KIVIRANTA KIVIRANTA KIVIRANTA was already taken.

Stargazing, Episode 105: Net Results

The Stars were not cooking with their recipe in Game 5. Wes and Robert try to determine whether the yeast will rise in Game 6.

Stargazing, Episode 104: Stop Making Sense

For any number of reasons, the Stars are on the cusp of something great. Wes and Robert talk about why maybe we should just roll with it.

Stargazing, Episode 103: Order From Chaos

It’s like joining the Freemasons, only with pucks. Wes and Robert decipher it for you as Round 2 Game 4 approaches.

Stargazing, Episode 102: Chaos Squad

The Stars are cooking, the Avs are out of sorts...what’s up? Join Wes and Robert as they explore the risks and rewards of high-danger hockey.

Stargazing, Episode 101: Risk It For The Biscuit

The Dallas Stars scored more in one Round 2 game than they did all spring, more or less. Wes and Robert take a look at how the team is, finally, activating the offense.

Stargazing, Episode 100: Ready Or Not

As it turns out, dogs are terrible at math. It’s no problem for Wes and Robert, however, and they’re ready and willing to sum up the Dallas Stars’ series against the Calgary Flames.

Stargazing, Episode 99: Come On Down!

The Stars seem to be getting the hang of this playoffs thing. Wes and Robert take stock, game-show style.

Stargazing, Episode 96: With Speed

The Stars know what they want to do, and they will keep doing it until it works. Wes and Robert discuss whether or not that’s wise.

Stargazing, Episode 95: Post Hockey

The Stars won a playoffs game! In overtime! Against the St. Louis Blues! Everything is fine now, unless it isn’t. Wes and Robert discuss.

Stargazing, Episode 94: Stark Reminders – Pain Is Real

Can this really be the Stars team that beat the Avalanche four (4) times during the regular season? Yes and no. Wes, Robert and Logan discuss it.

Stargazing, Episode 93: Afterwords Nights, Vegas Style

Wes and Robert go Stargazing After Dark. Their first case: the Stars’ murky round-robin loss to the Golden Knights.

Stargazing, Episode 91: Get The Balance Right

Wes and Robert swap takes on Lindy Ruff, Bowness hockey, and the value of tournament experience in a show that serves everything but breakfast.

Stargazing, Episode 90: The New Normal

What do Return to Play and Calvinball have in common? Taylor, Logan and Mark discuss it, along with That Stephen Johns Interview and a little bit of everything else.

Stargazing, Episode 89: The Long Pause

It’s been a long March without hockey. Maybe podcasting will help.

Stargazing, Episode 88: EXTRA MINUTES – European Prospect Report

Patrik Bexell joins the Usual Suspects for a deep look at Sweden’s sports development system, and the up-and-coming Stars who play there.

Stargazing, Episode 87: The Best Worst Compliments Around

The Dallas Stars came back from New York with five out of six available points. So why do we still sound unhappy?

Stargazing, Episode 86: All-Star Breakdown

Can the Stars buy a goal at this point? And what else can they do better? Wes and Robert have a list of demands.

Stargazing, Episode 85: You Can’t Spell Drama Without Big D

What is it about the Stars and December? Taylor, Tyler and Wes skip the gossip and go to the power play.

Stargazing, Episode 84: Holiday Hangover

Thanksgiving is over, but that queasy post-feast feeling lingers on. Wes, Mark and Derek pick through the leftovers and find some food for thought.

Stargazing, Episode 83: Star Chamber

At T-30 minutes in Vancouver, the Stars were above .500 for the first time all season. Join Tyler and Mark for a double-secret assessment of how they’re doing, and what comes next.

Stargazing, Episode 82: It’s A Beautiful Day (Mostly)

The Stars’ long-ish break comes at an opportune time, for a number of reasons. Taylor, Tyler and Wes unpack a week that was.