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Stargazing: A Big D Puckcast

Stargazing Ep. 36: Benn's Contract and Predictions

The DBD crew discusses Jamie Benn's next contract, what youngsters might spend some time in Dallas this season and their season predictions.

Stargazing, Episode 174: Rebuild Or Reload?

What’s next for the Stars now that the Rick Bowness era is over? Wes, Taylor and Mark read the signs.

Stargazing, Episode 173: Got A Match?

The Stars may need a spark if they want to make it out of Round 1. Wes and Mark look for ways to get a fire going.

Stargazing, Episode 172: Yard Sale Or Track Meet?

Can the Stars get a Round 1 upset by playing "Stars hockey"? Wes, Taylor and Rob examine the case.

Stargazing, Episode 171: Flame On

Can the Stars strike back in Calgary? Wes and Taylor examine the signs.

Stargazing, Episode 170: Place Your Bets

The Stars face the Golden Knights for a Stanley Cup playoffs payoff. Wes and Mark want to know if the house always wins.

Stargazing, Episode 169: Have Doubts, Will Travel

We seem to be experiencing the darkest-universe version of this season’s Stars. How do they (and we) get through the next few games? Wes and Mark have ideas.

Stargazing, Episode 168: Middle-Of-The-Road Trip

The Stars are looking...maybe, possibly like a playoff team again. For now. Mark and Tyler discuss it.

Stargazing, Episode 167: Point Of No Return

Robert joins Wes and Mark to talk about the state of the Stars at the trade deadline.

Stargazing, Episode 166: The Push For The Postseason

Anything (good or bad) seams possible with this team...but does that include another deep Stanley Cup run? Wes and Mark check the evidence.

Stargazing, Episode 165: Schrödinger’s Stars

Wes and Mark come back to the eternal quantum paradox that is the Victory Green Gang playing for a wildcard berth.

Stargazing, Episode 164: Texas Stars Update, Spring 2022

Stephen Meserve of 100 Degree Hockey joins Mark and Taylor as we check in with Cedar Park.

Stargazing, Episode 163: The All-Star Breaks

Come for the yelling, stay for the stats. Wes and Mark have you covered.

Stargazing, Episode 162: Road Trip Redux

Are the Stars good again? And can they keep it up long enough to nail down a playoffs berth? ...Who knows. At least Wes and Mark are willing to talk about it.

Stargazing, Episode 161: Midlife Crisis

Why do the Stars seem more afraid to fail than willing to succeed? Wes, Taylor, Mark and Trent talk about it.

Stargazing, Episode 160: A B C D E F U

Are we really going to jeopardize our Clean rating this time? Listen to these John Klingberg takes by Wes, Mark, Tyler and David and find out.

Stargazing, Episode 159: New Year, Same Problems

Will a new panelist help? Wes and Mark welcome Trent to talk about the same hot goalie takes we’ve been banging on about all season.

Stargazing, Episode 158: Should Auld COVID Be Forgot

Wes and Taylor pour one out for the end of 2021 - via Skype, because Omicron is wrecking stuff, yet again.

Stargazing, Episode 157: When Are We?

It’s been a week, y’all. Wes, Taylor and Mark reflect on the end of the Ben Bishop Era, COVID’s big comeback, and the Stars’ other, usual woes.

Stargazing, Episode 156: A November To Remember

At a moment when anything seems possible for the Stars - whether good or bad - Wes and Mark examine the ups and downs of their latest winning streak.

Stargazing, Episode 155: You Win Again (Taylor’s Version)

Same team, same roster...better product? Wes and Mark discuss what, if anything, is different.

Stargazing, Episode 154: In The Midnight Hour

How far will the Dallas Stars go to right their course? Wes and Mark stayed up late to discuss it.

Stargazing, Episode 153: Bits And Pieces

Wes and Mark discuss the Western Canada road trip to date, and it’s considerably less destructive than a cold front and a warm front meeting over a Panhandle trailer park.

Stargazing, Episode 152: Cracking The Code

The best game the Stars have played so far was still a loss. Can they finally make all the tumblers click? Wes and Mark consider whether they’re any closer to solving the puzzle.

Stargazing, Episode 151: Road Trip Roundabout

Where’s your panic level? Wes and Taylor examine the Stars’ early season and find a weird in-between vibe.

Stargazing, Episode 150: A Stars Season Preview

Wes, Taylor and Greg spent the long night before the opening game deep in their predictions for the 2021-22 campaign to come. (Two words: DONUT SZN.)

Stargazing, Episode 149: On Trusting The Process

Are the Dallas Stars...improving? During the preseason? Wes and Taylor sat down between two wins to talk about it. (Braden Holtby, Starting Goalie discussion ensued.)

Stargazing, Episode 148: Pondering The Preseason

Wes and Taylor think out loud about the Stars’ September, because "Where do I go and what am I supposed to be doing?" should probably be The Official Slogan of the NHL right now.

Stargazing, Episode 147: From Traverse City To Training Camp

It’s been a long trip back to Stars hockey. Will it be worth the wait? Wes, Mark and Taylor read the signs.

Stargazing, Episode 146: NHL Ready?

Wes, David, Mark and Taylor discuss defense, development, and AHL mainstay Thomas Harley, because it’s the only thing we know how to do and we gotta do something.

Stargazing, Episode 145: Needles And Pins

The waiting is the hardest part. Wes and Taylor talk headlines on the cusp of the Stars’ preseason.

Stargazing, Episode 144: Who’s Minding The Store?

Wes and Tyler got all worked up about the Stars’ crowded crease, yet again. Let’s listen, shall we?