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Stargazing: A Big D Puckcast

Stargazing Ep. 36: Benn's Contract and Predictions

The DBD crew discusses Jamie Benn's next contract, what youngsters might spend some time in Dallas this season and their season predictions.

Stargazing, Episode 204: Flip The Script

Would you feel differently about This Last Week In Starsing if Colorado had come after Calgary? Wes, Mark and Taylor 2.0 think they’ve figured it out.

Stargazing, Episode 203: Up All Night

It’s trade-deadline crunch time. What happens next for our Dallas Stars? Wes and Mark welcome Taylor Newby to discuss it.

Stargazing, Episode 202: State Of Play

We were told we’re supposed to be more offensive...? Taylor Baird joins Wes and Mark to see if they can make that happen.

Stargazing, Episode 201: Worried Man Blues

Is it time to panic? Wes and Mark try to talk you (and themselves) down.

Stargazing, Episode 200: Handle It

The Stars are in a pretty good place, so of course Wes and Mark are looking for everything to go sideways - and how to prevent it.

Stargazing, Episode 199: Texas Stars Update, Spring 2023

Good on paper, good on ice: Mark and special guest Stephen Meserve take stock of the Stars’ might in Austin Metro and beyond.

Stargazing, Episode 198: The All-Star Breaks, 2023 Edition

Taylor joins Wes and Mark to solve the world’s problems, or at least make the All-Star Game more watchable.

Stargazing, Episode 197: California Dreaming

Wes and Mark check in after a roller-coaster road trip and try to predict the next weird interlude in Stars World.

Stargazing, Episode 196: New Sponsor, Who Dis?

Have the Stars gotten too accustomed to the idea that they can score their way out of anything? This, plus some big news on the sponsorship front, coming up.

Stargazing, Episode 195: Leggo My Ego

The Stars have a points cushion to guard them against, well, this week. The question is how long it can (or will need to) last. Wes and Mark talk about it.

Stargazing, Episode 194: New Year’s Eve Grab Bag

What’s NYE without fond memories, future resolutions, and the occasional airing of grievances? Wes and Mark are up for it.

Stargazing, Episode 193: Naughty And Nice

Wes and Mark talk holiday wish lists. Grab a hot beverage and jingle all the way with us.

Stargazing, Episode 192: The Sutercast

They told you it was coming. Buckle up.

Stargazing, Episode 191: Gut Check

"Remember, Caesar, thou art mortal." Wes and Taylor take stock of what the Stars have accomplished, and what they still need to conquer.

Stargazing, Episode 190: The Wish List

The Stars have made a butter-smooth transition from one core to the next. What’s left to ask for? Wes, Mark and Juraj can think of a few things.

Stargazing, Episode 189: Puck Luck, Or Puck Hard Work?

Why do statistical models hate the Stars? Wes and Mark ask the important questions before the turkey coma sets in.

Stargazing, Episode 188: On A Benn-der

The Captain is captain-ing all over the place right now. Once again, Wes and Mark take credit, sort of.

Stargazing, Episode 187: Killing It

It’s basically what you find when you look up "Heiskanen" in the dictionary. Wes and Mark talk about Magic Miro, and some other highlights of the season so far.

Stargazing, Episode 186: (Almost) Strictly Business, With Sean Shapiro

Sean joins Taylor and Mark to talk about sports betting, the salary cap, and the season so far.

Stargazing, Episode 185: Opening Shots

Are the Dallas Stars good? It’s early days yet, but Taylor and Mark see some trends.

Stargazing, Episode 184: Texas Stars Season Forecast 2022-23

How good is the Dallas Stars’ Cedar Park pipeline? Stephen Meserve joins Mark and Taylor, and the phrase "spoiled for choice" comes up.

Stargazing, Episode 183: The Coming Youthquake

Now that the Jason Robertson anxiety has subsided, it’s time to really get ready for the season. Wes, Mark and Michael check out the ever-younger Dallas Stars landscape.

Stargazing, Episode 182: Making The Cut

Who will play where when October really gets rolling? Wes, Mark and Juraj take stock and make predictions for the final push.

Stargazing, Episode 181: Traverse City Scouting Report

Couldn’t make the offseason’s most important event? That’s OK – Mark and Derek were there, and they’ll fill you in.

Stargazing, Episode 180: Doomcasting

Wes, Mark and Tyler open the hurt locker and name your fears, so as to conquer them. (Is there a Sean Avery joke we can make while we’re here?)

Stargazing, Episode 179: Accentuate The Positive

Don’t worry, baby. This is still a normal Stars offseason, mostly – and Wes, Mark and Tyler can tell you why.

Stargazing, Episode 178: Free Agency Free-For-All 2022

Are the Stars better now than they were this time last year? Wes and Mark welcome you to the room for improvement.

Stargazing, Episode 177: Stats Heavies

D Magazine’s Mike Piellucci and David Castillo join Wes and Mark to talk about the Dallas sports market, making PDO accessible, and finding your lane in a big-league town. Oh, and hockey.

Stargazing, Episode 176: Future Considerations

Derek Neumeier joins Wes and Mark to talk about the Stars’ best prospects, the 2022 NHL Draft, and why you need to be very, very excited about Wyatt Johnston.

Stargazing, Episode 175: The Bench Press

Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now? Taylor and Mark discuss what the Stars need in a new coach - and what they may actually be looking for.

Stargazing, Episode 174: Rebuild Or Reload?

What’s next for the Stars now that the Rick Bowness era is over? Wes, Taylor and Mark read the signs.