Santa Is Bringing The Dallas Stars Presents This Year

The jolly ol' fella gave me a sneak peak on some things that may end up under the trees of some Dallas Stars players this year.

Santa Claus will soon be out on his sleigh, ensuring that every boy and girl have presents under the tree for Christmas.

I recently stopped by Ol' Saint Nick's workshop and he let me look at which each of the Dallas Stars players were going to have this year.

What did everyone get?


Jamie Benn
This book, to continue the evolution towards total captain domination.

Christmas - Art of War

Jordie Benn
The tools necessary to 'refine the rugged'.

Christmas - Beard Envy

Erik Cole
This Luigi costume for next year to match the mustache.
Christmas - Luigi Costume
Trevor Daley
Presented without comment.
Christmas - YOLO

Jason Demers

With Valentine's Day coming up, these should accessorize your pink suit nicely.
Christmas - pink suit accessories
Cody Eakin

Something stylish for a night out on the town.

Christmas - Ginger Ninja Shirt

Patrick Eaves

A puppy calendar for the animal lover.
Christmas - puppies
Vernon Fiddler
The soundtrack to match the hat and boots.
Christmas - George Strait Album

Ryan Garbutt
A first aid kit, to tend to various cuts, splinters, and hang nails -- that he'll get from the bench where he'll be stuck.
Christmas - First Aid Kit

Alex Goligoski

Shot blockers for your skates, to hopefully reduce the bruising.
Christmas - Shot Blockers

Ales Hemsky

Welcome to Texas! Get the cream cheese kolache.
Christmas - Czech stop
Shawn Horcoff
A white board to draw on. Take it with you to the penalty box, though a ref may say you can't do that...
Christmas - white board
Jyrki Jokipakka

So you and Kari can communicate in both languages.
Christmas - Dictionary

John Klingberg
Børk! Børk! Børk!
Christmas - Swedish Chef

Kari Lehtonen

The gift of virtual kittens. They're cute, fluffy and an instant de-stress mechanism, which everyone can use more of.

Curtis McKenzie

The complete edition of Trailer Park Boys on DVD.
Christmas - Trailer Park Boys

Travis Moen
For the long plane rides.
Christmas - Ali bio

Patrik Nemeth
Get your rest and relaxation in now.
Christmas - spa
Valeri Nichushkin
Don't get caught speeding!
Christmas - radar detector

Antoine Roussel

A lasso to complete the Dange-Rouss outfit.
Christmas - Lasso

I'm sure you get asked a lot.
Christmas - tall person

Some Krazy Glue!

Christmas - Krazy Glue
What do you get the man that has seemingly everything? A box for all the donuts from his donut goals.
Christmas - Donut Box
A trip to an appropriately named restaurant.

Christmas - Giggle Box


If you could give a player on the Stars a gift for Christmas, what would it be?