Reporter: Rich Peverley "Hasn't Given Up" on Playing Next Season

Andy Strickland Tweets that Rich Peverley hasn't given up on playing next year.

Is Rich Peverley an option for Jim Nill and Lindy Ruff next season? He's at least trying to be, according to one reporter.

Andy Strickland does work with the Blues on television and is a radio presence in St. Louis. He randomly interjected this into Twitter discourse yesterday...

Reporting that a professional athlete wants to play his sport next season is not exactly ground breaking, but it is nice to hear. What it does suggest is that there are conversations happening in the industry as curiosity about his status percolates ahead of the league's busy off-season activities.

It's not likely to subject matter that has a definitive resolution any time soon, of course. Maybe not even until next summer, depending on what the doctors tell him.

Erin pointed out (to me) the story of Desmond Bryant, a Cleveland Browns defensive lineman attempting a return after undergoing a cardiac ablation in December, and this piece mentions Peverley...

During the course of his recovery, Bryant heard about Dallas Stars hockey player Rich Peverley, who had a cardiac event in the middle of the first period of a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets in February, and needed to be revived by the team's medical staff in the hallway between the bench and dressing room before being transported to the hospital.

"Does it give me pause? No," Bryant said. "I believe in the work that I got done by my doctors. I believe everything, so far, has been going really well. It's something to consider, for sure, but it doesn't make me stop. It doesn't deter me from doing all of the things that I want to do."

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