Pittsburgh Penguins, Refs, Elicit Great Reaction From Dallas Stars Coach Lindy Ruff

This makes the internet worth it.

Saturday night was awful. We'll dwell on it some more tomorrow and you can read all that we've written about it on the site right now. There are still 80 games remaining though, and we need a little smile.

On Thursday night Jamie Benn and Ben Lovejoy got into a puck battle in front of the Pittsburgh Penguins net. The Dallas Stars scored a goal which was immediately waved off. While watching the replay Ruff let the officials know what he thought about the call.

I'm not a very good lip reader, but I'm pretty sure Ruff wasn't inviting the official to dinner or congratulating him for a fantastic call. On a more serious note, please don't post what he said. I think we can all figure out the words coming out of his mouth.

I imagine we will be seeing this gif quite often over the remainder of the season and hopefully for years to come. Enjoy.