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Philadelphia Flyer Ryan White Applauds Dallas Star Antoine Roussel

This is why we watch hockey, or at least part of the reason. Antoine Roussel has gotten under the skin of the Philadelphia Flyers. He hit Brayden Schenn with his head turned the other way. Sam Gagner got in his face and Roussel had a quick trigger. Ryan White eventually got upset.

Then this happened.

The internet exists for moments like this. White gives Roussel a Bronx cheer for, I guess, being able to draw a powerplay for the Dallas Stars. That, or he’s applauding something incredibly NSFW that we can’t even begin to contemplate. Given how Chris Therien of the Flyers broadcast was describing White at the time, it could be either.

This begs the question: what does Roussel need to do to get a standing ovation from the Flyers bench? Maybe game winning goal followed by riding his stick to center ice?

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