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Defending Big D user guide

If you are a new member to us here at Defending Big D, welcome! We talk about Dallas Stars all day every day and I am committed to building the best Dallas Stars fan community on the internet.

As you get acclimated to the features here at SB Nation, let me run you through the basics.

You can sign up with SB Nation and Defending Big D by either a) signing up with your Yahoo! ID, b) sign up with your Open ID or c) start from scratch by choosing a screen name.

After you sign up, you go to your profile page and edit your personal information as well as upload an avatar for you to use. After you have saved these changes you can use your profile page to manage all of the blogs you are a member of.

When you sign up for SB Nation, you maintain the same screen name and avatar across all the blogs. All you have to do is just sign up for each individual blog as you come across them. It's an easy, one-step process that makes the experience here that much better.

For a guideline on how to use the FanPosts and FanShots, go here.

Of course, the best feature of SB Nation is the incredible commenting features associated with each post. For a guide on how to use these feature, go here.

If you ever have any questions, never hesitate to email me at