NHL General Managers Meetings Updates: Overtime Changes and Coaches Challenges

News as it happens

Good evening. The NHL General Manager's meetings were supposed to end at 6:30. It's 7:15 and they still haven't. News is beginning to come out of the meetings though so we'll add more to this post as more news comes out.

We'll start with the news we do have. The NHL is going to change how overtime works. Full details aren't out yet, but according to Bob McKenzie the NHL is going to go to three on three overtime.

But, they won't even waste their time with four on four anymore.

McKenzie also has some details about the NHLPA's position on the new overtime rules

McKenzie again, because he hears everything. This just sounds ridiculously fun.

We'll continue to update as this goes along.

Update #1

It's about time...

Update #2

McKenzie has some clarification on the challenges;

That definitely makes sense. If an offside play is missed there's no reason to torch a play that didn't depend on the blown call.

That appears to be a wrap. No news on opening the league to expansion as of now. We have three on three overtime replacing the current format. Coaches will be able to challenge offsides plays and goalie interference. Those are two pretty large changes. The NHL Board of Governors will vote on the proposals tomorrow.