NHL Draft: NBC Praises Jack Eichel, Forgets Mike Modano

Is Jack Eichel the first generational American talent?

NBC is ramping up their coverage of the draft. They're getting a little excited about Jack Eichel.

He's certainly a good player and should be a Team USA staple for years. Patrick Kane was a pretty high pick too though. I think I might be forgetting someone though...oh yeah. Mike Modano. The Dallas Stars Twitter account quickly pointed it out.

And there was no way Mike Modano could see those tweets and not respond.

Now that he's retired apparently Mike Modano is the Rodney Dangerfield of all-time leading American scorers. Eichel already has a lot of pressure on him as he tries to take the Buffalo Sabres on his shoulders and carry them to the promised land, but this one was a bit much.

Mike, you're still the number one American in our hearts.