NHL 16 HUT Flashbacks: Where is Rich Peverley?

Fix this EA Sports.

EA Sports NHL 16 has been out for a week. One of the game modes is called Hockey Ultimate Team. Essentially you put together the team you want from all of the players in the game and attempt to collect all the players.

The recent retirement of Dan Carcillo prompted EA Sports to put out a card to commemorate his career which seemed odd for a fourth liner. Cards also recently were created for Ryane Clowe:

And Simon Gagne:

So where is Rich Peverley?

Peverley was a solid all around player during his career who filled many roles up and down a lineup. Sure. he wasn't elite, but there is no one on earth who would argue that Dan Carcillo is more deserving than Peverley. And that isn't meant to mock Carcillo. It's a statement about Peverley.

Maybe it's in the works, and we just don't know about it. I doubt it given how quickly the Carcillo one was released, but the possibility does exist.

So what gives EA? Where is the Peverley card?

Putting the detective hat on for a moment leads me to a pretty obvious conclusion. They simply forgot. Peverley has been out for a long time now, and he just sort of drifted into retirement. It's a reasonable oversight to understand, but it needs to be corrected.

Bring Raptor Jesus to NHL 16.