Dallas Stars Confirm Mike Modano Has Moved, No Longer Alternate Governor

The Dallas Stars legend and his family moved to Arizona last year, taking him away from the Dallas Stars day-to-day.

Mike Modano was pictured Wednesday helping out at the Arizona Coyotes' development camp. He looks like he could still go out and play, even today.

However, Modano's involvement with another NHL franchise when he was a part of the Dallas Stars front office raised some eyebrows. Modano, who had been an alternate governor for the Stars, is no longer with the organizatiion.

Mike and his family decided to move to Arizona last year. As a result, Mike could no longer be around our day-to-day operations and fulfill his role as alternate governor. The Dallas Stars organization loves Mike. His contributions to the franchise and his impact on the growth of hockey in the state of Texas are immeasurable. He is a valued member of the Stars family and if he returns to Dallas at any time, we would welcome him with open arms." - Dallas Stars President and CEO Jim Lites

Modano has been and always will be revered as one of the best players to ever play for the Stars organization. The move to Arizona follows the birth of his twin children. His wife has a golf career out in Arizona, which would explain the move of the family from the Dallas area.

The Stars organization and fans surely wish him all the best in whatever his future may bring. Hopefully down the line we'll see Modano as part of the Stars front office, at it seems only natural that the prodigal son remain in the fold. Until that day comes, we'll ready for another Modano to enter the draft around the 2032 draft.