Julius Honka Reacts To His EA Sports NHL 16 Ranking

Honka seems happy to be wrong about his rating.

EA Sports is ramping up the publicity campaign for NHL 16 which comes out in a week or so. Part of that campaign has NHL rookies reacting to their ratings in the game. And hey for once a national hockey thing didn't forget the Dallas Stars! The video includes former first round pick Julius Honka.

Spoiler alert: Honka was way off in his prediction. If you don't want to watch the video his reaction is below and pretty awesome

You may notice that sweet toothless hockey smile. If you've never watched him play, or have only watched him a little, the toothless grin fits. Honka gets in the middle of everything. This video shows off the personality too. It's a bit staggering to think about how much young personality/swagger is coming into the organization with John Klingberg, Tyler Seguin. Val Nichushkin, Patrik Nemeth and Honka among others.

The other rookies in the video are funny too. It's worth a watch.

Can hockey please get here already please?