John Klingberg Designs His Own Burger For American Airlines Center

The young defenseman for the Dallas Stars isn't the first Dallas athlete to design his own signature dish.

The Texas Rangers might very well be the top sports team in the metroplex in the "Menu Items Named After a Player" category. Nelson Cruz has The Boomstick. Shin-Soo Choo has The Choomongous. Adrian Beltre has The Beltre Buster.

The Dallas Cowboys don't appear to have a single menu item named after a player that I could find. American Airlines Center didn't have one for either a Mavs or Stars player...until now. John Klingberg has created his own tasty take on a burger to be featured at the AAC.

I must admit I'm a little disappointed that Klingberg did not present his new creation dressed as Swedish Chef or it wasn't some kind of Swedish meatball take on a burger. But I can't be disappointed in the burger that he came up with, because it seems full of cheesy goodness. The fries that accompany the burger sound just as tasty.

You can find The Klingburger at all Stars and Mavs games starting in February at Plaza Grills in sections 106 and 118. Do your tastebuds a favor and put some of this in your belly the next time you get a chance.