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Jason Spezza Hosts the Latest Dallas Stars Twitter Takeover

The Dallas Stars‘ social media legend continues to grow with its consistently hilarious Twitter takeovers by your favorite team members. This morning, Jason Spezza became the latest Star to ascend the Throne of Blood Dr Pepper, and the result was…well, you be the judge.

The Stars’ website will have a full accounting later today, but in the meantime, enjoy these highlights.

> Jason Spezza Twitter Takeover,

How many hours a day does Speznasty spend giggling?

But can he possibly, actually be a Justin Bieber fan?

How encyclopedic is his knowledge of the Taylor Swift catalog? (Hint: Spezza has two daughters.)

While we’re girling him with girl stuff, does working with Tyler Seguin give him “butterflies”?

Seriously, who needs the most sunscreen? Seriously?

The most important question of our age: Would you rather have a robot or a lifetime supply of grilled cheese?

Unless you count the one about who you want to call first when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, again. (Spoiler alert: Travis Moen is your only hope.)