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Dallas Stars History

Since 2008, It Has Always Been Something with the Dallas Stars

Why haven’t the Stars been able to assemble a complete team for so long?

Sergei Zubov Among 2019 Inductees to Hockey Hall of Fame

It’s about time.

Postseason Success Runs Through Secondary Scoring

Goals should be at a premium against the Nashville Predators in the first round. In order to survive, the Stars will have to party like it’s 1999, and find some offense outside of their big names.

Chronicling the 1999 Dallas Stars: Goodbye to Maple Leaf Gardens

The Stars of ‘99 rolled through November, much as they had in the month of October. When the team traveled to Toronto for the only time in 1998-99, they were in first place.

This Week in Stars History: Benn Wins First Art Ross Trophy

For Throwback Thursday, we look at that glorious day when Benn won the first Art Ross Trophy for the Dallas organization.

There Will Never Be Another Mike Modano

Players like Tyler Seguin might be compared to the Dallas legend, but no one will ever have quite the same impact on the franchise.

Examining Stars Trade History By General Manager

The swap between the Stars and the Red Wings just before the trade deadline broke a streak of more than 30 years without a deal between the franchises; what other things stick out when examining the history of Stars trades in Dallas?

Playoffs? Playoffs? Yes, We're Talking Playoffs!

After which we will promptly forget anything that happened from 2009 to 2013.

Remembering Wren Blair, First North Stars Coach

Blair, the charismatic coach of the expansion Minnesota North Stars and scout who discovered a teenage Bobby Orr, passed away Wednesday at age 87.

Dallas Stars Top 5 Failed Reclamation Projects

Dallas Stars Top 5 Reclamation Projects

Dallas Stars Top 5 Reclamation Projects

Inducted to the NHL Hall Of Fame? Time To Raise A Banner.

DBD List-O-Matic: The 5 Best Stars Seasons

A Tribute to Reunion Arena

A Tribute to Reunion Arena

Ten Years Later, Dallas Stars Cup Victory Still Festers in Buffalo

Counting the Stars - Number 27

Counting the Stars - Whom did we pick at number 27?

Counting the Stars - #28 Steve Christoff

Our Counting the Stars series resumes with a look at #28 Steve Christoff

Counting the Stars - Number 29

Counting the Stars: Who did we pick for number 29? Click and find out!

Counting the Stars - #30 Cesare Maniago

Counting the Stars: A look at the Stars first true goaltending legend: #30 Cesare Maniago

Counting the Stars - Numbers 32 and 31

Counting the Stars: A look at numbers 32 and 31

Counting the Stars - #33 Don Beaupre

Counting the Stars: Going back two decades to find our pick at #33

Counting the Stars - Number 34

Counting the Stars: See who our pick is at number 34

Counting the Stars - #35 Marty Turco

Counting the Stars: Looking at a no-doubter in #35 Marty Turco

Counting the Stars - #36 Jussi Jokinen

Counting the Stars: Remembering #36 Jussi Jokinen

Counting the Stars - Number 37

Counting the Stars: A look at who took number 37

Counting the Stars - #38 Dan Jancevski

Counting the Stars: Would you believe the best at #38 is Dan Jancevski??

Counting the Stars - Numbers 40 & 39

Counting the Stars: Taking a look at players who wore the numbers 40 & 39

Counting the Stars - Number 41

Counting the Stars - Check out our pick for number 41

Counting the Stars - #42 Jon Klemm

Counting the Stars: A look back at short time Dallas Star #42 Jon Klemm

Friday Favorites

Every Friday during the offseason, we'll present some of the most memorable plays, players and moments in Dallas Stars history. Tonight we watch an-depth retrospective on perhaps the lowest (or highest, depending on your perspective) point in Stars' recent history.

Counting the Stars - Number 43

Counting the Stars - A look at fan favorite #43 Phillipe Boucher

Counting the Stars - Number 44

Counting the Stars - A look at the best to ever wear #44.. and it may not be who you think it is!