Grubes Looking For Dallas Stars Game Presentation Suggestions for 2016

Help Grubes get ready for 2016.

It's that time again. Grubes is looking for your suggestions for how he can make next season more enjoyable for you when you show up to the AAC. He alerted us to his Reddit post seeking suggestions. The text of his love letter to you is right here:

Hello, friends! Per Craig Miller of the Ticket, today is literally the worst day of the year. So let's try to get some cool thoughts going and think about what could make your time at the AAC better!

What did you like about last year's presentation? What didn't you like? Is there anything you want to see/hear that hasn't been done yet? Basically, how can I serve you guys as the arena DJ and make your game-watching experience better? As always, I can't guarantee all suggestions will be used, but everything will at least be considered! :)

Your classy DJ, Grubes

You don't all have Reddit accounts, I know. However, if you have suggestions for next year you can leave them in a comment here. Or at the Reddit link. Or via his Twitter account @tweetgrubes. He will get them any of those ways. Let Grubes know what you would like to see this coming year.