GIF: Tyler Seguin Licks His Glove, Flips Off A Vancouver Canuck (Apparently)

From the file of....that is rather awesome...

On Wednesday night the Stars were playing in a tightly contested and physical game on the road against the Vancouver Canucks, when Tyler Seguin attempted to sneak in something rather...interesting.

There were no signs of anything specific to lead up to this. Perhaps Seguin was merely just licking his glove to wipe off a point of glass on his visor. Perhaps Seguin was trying to smooth out his eyebrow with a quick lick and flip.

It's pretty obvious that Seguin was Unfortunately the camera pulls away before we can see the player he's pointing to, but this has to be one of the funniest things we've seen yet from one Stars player to a Vancouver Canuck.

Of course, nothing beats the absolute hilarity of "Angry Bieksa Face" by Vern Fiddler: