Florida Panthers Beat Dallas Stars, Winning Streak Ends

That wasn't fun to watch.

Jamie Benn had two goals, but nothing else about this game was fun to watch.

Defensively the Dallas Stars were a mess tonight. Turnovers were all too common. The Florida Panthers rushed the Stars every time they got the puck, and the Stars didn't respond very well.

Patrik Nemeth and Jamie Oleksiak didn't inspire much confidence.

Patrick Sharp could have had a hat trick tonight and I wouldn't have been surprised. Instead, he's still off of the goal sheet. He's going to break through at some point, and probably soon if he keeps getting chances like he got tonight.

Razor put it best. The biggest reason this game turned out the way it did was because the Panthers goaltenders were better than the Stars. Kari Lehtonen was pulled early in the second period after his third soft goal. He wasn't the only one at fault on all three goals, but on only a handful of not entirely menacing shots the Stars were being buried.

But, the goaltending was far from alone. Outside of the Jason Spezza line, all of the Stars top players were heavy negatives in the Corsis.

As good as the Stars have looked at times this season games like this are bound to happen. The shots were basically even despite the Stars playing from behind for most of the night. Lindy Ruff is probably going to be hoarse after this game. We're still early in the season, but this is another of those moments when the Stars have to pick themselves back up and right the ship.

They take on the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday.