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Fancy Stats

Tabs on Tactics: Why Dallas’ Shell Against New York Almost Cost Them

In their season opener, Dallas tried to lock the game down against the New York Rangers in the second period. Why did a ‘lockdown’ open the game up instead?

Analysis: Who Are The 2021-2022 Dallas Stars?

What can we expect from the Dallas Stars for the 2021-2022 season? Something like their recent successes? Or something like their recent failures? Let’s dig deep to figure it out.

Analysis: How Close Are the Dallas Stars to Earning a Rematch with the Tampa Bay Lightning?

By ‘rematch’ I mean a return to the Stanley Cup Finals, but using the Tampa Bay Lightning as the standard to grade them against is a fun exercise with surprising results.

Opinion: It’s a tough choice, but the Dallas Stars should let Jamie Oleksiak walk

Jamie Oleksiak has turned into the player Dallas believed him to be when he was drafted. Why would it make sense to let him walk? That’s the four plus million dollar question.

Analysis: Who Can the Dallas Stars Target in this Offseason’s UFA Bargain Bin?

Jim Nill loves landing the big fish. He likely won’t have the cap to do that for the 2021-2022 season. But this offseason’s bargain bin offers plenty of small fish who can play big games.

Four On-Ice Lessons the Dallas Stars Can Learn from the Final Four

The stage is set, with the Canadiens vs. the Golden Knights, and the Lightning vs. the Islanders. Do the Dallas Stars have anything in common with them? If not, what can they learn?

Analysis: Roope Hintz Is More Elite Than You Think, But There’s A Catch

Roope Hintz might have been Dallas’ best player, and best of all, Dallas may simply be scratching the surface. There’s a small catch, however.

Analysis: Heiskanen Wasn’t His Usual Self, and Bowness Didn’t Ask Him To Be

Miro Heiskanen didn’t have a season up to his usual standards. How much of that was on the season’s struggles versus the struggles of Dallas’s system not creating offense?

ANALYSIS: Stars Generate High Danger Shots, But It Comes At a High Cost

The Dallas Stars want to focus on quality over quantity, and they’re doing a good job of it. So why does it feel like it doesn’t matter?

Usage for Gurianov, Hintz is Dull, Drab, Depressingly Dallas

During the month of February, the Dallas Stars played four one-goal games against quality opponents. How did interim head coach Rick Bowness deploy his dynamic wingers in those close contests?

Systems analysis: ‘Attention to detail’ can’t just apply to defense if the Dallas Stars want to improve

The Dallas Stars have some serious problems on offense under interim head coach Rick Bowness, but the problems run even deeper.

Stars Have Defensive Options Entering 2019-20 Season

The Stars look to improve on a top-five defensive performance, but there are lingering questions and promising choices.

Roope Hintz — The X-Factor

Hintz improved greatly during the 2018-19 season and was a huge factor for the team down the stretch and in the playoffs. Just how big was his turnaround and what are the expectations for him this coming season?

Alexander Radulov: The Stars’ Invisible Superstar

Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin get the accolades, but Radulov deserves that superstar treatment as well.

Nothing But The Best: Bishop and Khudobin Have Been Elite This Year

The goaltending tandem of Bishop and Khudobin have been stellar. But just what does that mean for the Stars heading into the playoff push?

The NHL’s New Tracking Data Introduces More Ways for Teams to Get Analytics Wrong

Fancy stats are not about raw numbers. They’re about mass psychology. More numbers won’t mean better info if the mindset hasn’t changed.

Julius Honka: Not A Prospect

The Dallas Stars need to make a move for scoring. Once upon a time, Julius Honka would have been a critical piece in any big trade involving the Dallas Stars. Unfortunately, four years of misuse have rendered the idea of Honka as a serious prospect a serious fairy tale.

How The Stars Rank Among Depth Scoring in the NHL

After the Stars’ CEO publicly aired his thoughts about Benn and Seguin not performing well enough, a lot was left unsaid about the lack of depth on the roster. Today, we look into the data to compare depth scoring around the league.

How The Stars Compare with Core Scoring Across the League

The Dallas Stars are among the league’s worst in producing goals. How do their top three scorers compare to the rest of the league?

Joel Hanley: The Shot-Suppressing Monster

The Dallas Stars have an injury-ridden blue line, but Joel Hanley is here to prove he’s more than an AHL call-up.

Systems Update: Predicting the Dallas Stars’ Strategy and Tactics Under Jim Montgomery

Jim Montgomery looks like he’ll blend the old school with the new school for the 2018-2019 season. Unfortunately we have to wait and see whether that’s good or bad, but it looks good.

Dallas’ Blue Line Could be a Strength Next Season, Which Bodes Well for Secondary Scoring

Stars fans want optimism now that the Erik Karlsson rumors have died down. But maybe Dallas’ blue line will be enough to help their biggest problem from last season — secondary scoring.

Many Reasons Explain the Stars’ Failures, but Ken Hithcock’s Decisions Explain Most

Why Ken Hitchcock deserves most of the blame for the Dallas Stars’ 2017-2018 failures.

Radek Faksa Deserves a Seat at the Selke Discussion Table

The 24-year-old Stars center isn’t getting nearly enough attention as one of the NHL’s best defensive forwards

Analyzing the Chemistry of the Dallas Stars Forwards: Radek Faksa Deserves Better

Spoiler alert: there’s not much chemistry - unless you get to play with Radek Faksa

The Stars’ Awful Road Performance Reveals A Lot About the System’s Inability to Adjust

Dallas is good at home, but bad on the road. Is it because of Ken Hitchcock’s roster decisions? Maybe.

Opinion: Ken Hitchcock’s Treatment of Julius Honka has Rhyme, but Questionable Reason

Analyzing what Ken Hitchcock is seeing with the young, talented blueliner.

The Stars Have the League’s Most Lethal Power Play but There’s a Catch

Dallas has the NHL’s top power play in literally decades. What’s there to be sad about?

Analyzing the “Struggles” of Julius Honka

Are Honka’s struggles as bad as Ken Hitchcock’s scratches seem to imply?

Analyzing the Dallas Stars Wingers and the Concerning Lack of Goals

The Stars will score more, but how much more?

Analyzing the Competition Between Stephen Johns and Jamie Oleksiak

It seems like Stephen Johns and Jamie Oleksiak are competing for protection in expansion. The numbers say this is a red herring.

Analyzing a Stars Penalty Kill That is Officially the NHL’s Worst in 20 Years

The Dallas Stars officially own the worst penalty kill in 20 years. How has it all gone wrong?