DefendingBigD Welcomes Ann Atkinson and Carolyn Wilke

In which we welcome in two new writers.

At DefendingBigD we're starting the year off with a bang. We're bringing two new writers into the fold. We would like to introduce Ann Atkinson and Carolyn Wilke to you. Those of you who dabble in Twitter have likely come across them at some point.

Both have done extensive enjoyable work at their own site and we are hoping to bring what they do here for your consumption. Normally when these things happen we'll give you a quick bio of the new writers, but this time we didn't have to write it. Ann and Carolyn decided to introduce each other. So let Ann tell you all about Carolyn while Carolyn tells you all about Ann.

We have decided we are going to introduce each other. So this is Ann, introducing her heterolifemate, Carolyn Wilke. Carolyn is a huge proponent of the #FancyStats community. You might recognize her name from the graphs that Bob McKenzie keeps retweeting. (He especially likes the scoring chance and PDO graphs.) Her life mission is to make stats easily understandable, even for those of us who stopped taking math in high school. She also writes for Today's Slapshot and our blog, Two Bearded Ladies, and is a cohost for the awesomest* podcast ever, the Two Bearded Ladies Podcast. You can find her talking about John Klingberg and how he got robbed of the Calder on Twitter @Classlicity.

Ann Atkinson is a delight. She is also the saltiest person you will ever meet. Fortunately, she loves to express these feelings with eloquence for our blog, Two Bearded Ladies and has also guest posted here on Defending Big D. Her life goal is to make people laugh about how silly sports writing is sometimes, and to not take anything about hockey too seriously. She loves all things Benn, still has feelings for the Oilers, and will fight you for Sam Gagner's honor. You can find her spewing her feelings everywhere on Twitter @merrinish.

*We might be biased.

Welcome in guys.