DefendingBigD Community Prospect Rankings Run Off

Brett Ritchie and Stephen Johns are virtually deadlocked. Decide who become the #6 and #7 prospects.

We're going to blatantly rip off LoneStarBall. Every year for what seems like forever they vote on the top prospects in the Texas Rangers system. I don't recall us ever doing it for the Dallas Stars. This seems like as good of a time as any.

What we will do is throw up a poll for each ranking. Vote on whichever prospect you think belongs in the spot in question. Feel free to use whatever criteria you want to use to determine the top prospect. The prospect with the highest percentage of votes at each turn will take the spot. If we get two or more prospects within five percentage points or so we'll do a run off.

Any player in the Stars system with less than 60 NHL games is eligible.

Brett Ritchie and Stephen Johns basically split the vote for number six. Now it's up to you to decide who wins. Pick one of the two.

Edit: make that 5th and 6th

Who is the number six prospect in the system?

Stephen Johns359
Brett Ritchie329