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Defending Big D’s Community Guidelines Have Been Updated

Some of you may have noticed that our comments section has been a toxic wasteland for a while now. I personally have avoided them going on a year now because something that is supposed to be an enjoyable distraction from the real world shouldn’t be as fraught with nonsense as our commenting area has been in the recent past.

Notice: I used the past tense and referenced the past. This will not be the case going forward,

Our moderation team has done a good job of dealing with instances that have gotten out of hand. They will continue to do the same good work, but they have had a tough job. The community guidelines left too much room for interpretation and the consequences for violating the guidelines were too difficult to enforce. So, now they’ve been updated.

You can find the updated guidelines here:


Alternatively, you can also just click this link.

The abbreviated version is this: don’t be a sexist, homophobic, racist jerk or troll with any of the listed undesirable qualities. Follow this general rule of thumb “If I said this in public would it start a fight?” If the answer is yes then you shouldn’t bring it here.

If you have any questions about the updated policies don’t hesitate to ask.

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