Defending Big D Wants Your Ice Breaker Photos!

If you'll be at the annual Dallas Stars Ice Breaker event, we want to see it through your eyes.

The Dallas Stars Ice Breaker event begins today at 11 AM at the Galleria Mall. Be sure you get there early so that you can get the autographs of your favorite Stars player.

You'll also want to be there early so that you can be one of the first to see the new team addition -- a mascot that is speculated to be unveiled for the first time at the event.

Details and all you need to know about the Galleria (including directions) can be found here.

Some of the Defending Big D staff will be in attendance that day. See if you can find Managing Editor Brandon Worley or myself. Come talk to us about hockey or how much you don't agree with our impact rankings or who you should draft in your hockey fantasy league or anything else. We like to hear from the community, especially in person!

If you'll be there, tag us with your photos on Twitter (@DefendingBigD) or shoot them to us via email ( and we'll put together a gallery so that those that are out of town can live vicariously through you.

See you later sporting your Victory Green!