Defending Big D Postgame Vlog Episode 2: Dallas Stars Hang On 5-4

4-0 lead? Yeah...we got this. Or, do we?

I did not watch last night's game live. I do not want to talk about the game I watched instead.

Thankfully, the Dallas Stars salvaged what would have been a really horrible sports night for me by defeating the Los Angeles Kings 5-4.

I am still keeping the name "Defending Big D Postgame Vlog," for the time being until I develop the series more. Once there's a clear direction of where this is going, I will change the name to accurately describe the series. However, if you have suggestions for the title of the series, feel free to write them in the comments.

And, I know my background is boring, so I took some time to show the merchandise I have at the end of the video.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the second video of this series. Go Stars!