DBD Group Game #2: Saturday, Jan. 3rd vs. the Wild

Everything you need to know about attending our next group game.

Now that our first group game of the season is rapidly approaching, the time has come to sign up for the next outing you all voted for.

In case you need a refresher on what we do, here's a link to our first game of the season. Here's the quick version though:

  • The cost will be $55 per ticket (a savings of about $20, not including ticketmaster fees)
  • We will be in section 122
  • The number of available seats is limited to 100 for this game
  • We may have some prizes to hand out (but that's all TBD)/

If you're interested in attending, simply follow this link to pay for your seats. (Please keep it to 4 tickets per person, but let me know if you need more. We can accommodate.) Tilt is extremely simple to use, and hopefully those that have already paid for their tickets this way can verify. You select how many you want, and Tilt will do the math for you. (This is also the same site we used to raise funds for the AEDs after the Peverley incident.)

Keep in mind that the email address you use will be how we contact you and send out tickets. It's all done electronically to make things easier. If you have any questions on how to pay, just send me an email at DBDGroupParty@gmail.com, and I'll be more than happy to help out.

This will be on a first come, first serve basis. The Tilt page is automatically set to close if we reach our limit.

We tried PayPal last time, and had several issues that made it unnecessarily complicated. However, if you cannot/do not want to use Tilt, let us know.

As soon as the group is finalized, we will send out all of the tickets.

For those of you who have never been to our group games before, it' a pretty relaxed event. You can meet with others going if you like, or just enjoy the game on your own. And, of course, all readers are welcome. That goes for commenters and non-commenters alike. We appreciate all of you guys visiting Defending Big D on a daily basis, and this is just our way of saying thanks!

We'll see you in January!