Dallas Stars Winter Classic Sweaters Revealed

There’s Dallas hockey history and a new look, rolled into the same threads

After a lot of hinting and sneak-peeking, the Stars finally released a good look at their Winter Classic sweaters (or jerseys, if you’re a Philistine) in a video they Tweeted out just before 10am CST this morning.

In case you can’t watch videos for some reason, here’s a screenshot:

The ensemble is perhaps more interesting than the sweater itself. Seguin is sporting old-timey brown gloves (meant to look leathery), and what I think are grey-ish pants. Something like Victory Green is everywhere, which makes sense given how much the Stars are committed to their #brand.

The logo is the same one we saw a while back, and the back of the sweater is pretty straightforward, too. Simple numbers in white with perhaps a thin border, though it’s tough to tell at a glance.

The white shoulder yoke is interesting, and complements the waist stripe nicely. Overall, I think these sweaters are pretty decent, somewhere between mind-blowing and “meh.” The color is great, the silver in the Texas state arm patch is a nice touch, and the lettering is a classic-looking font (whose name escapes me at present) that is a nice parallel (but I don’t think exact copy) alongside the Stars’ current look.

I also prefer the collar to the laces that became so ubiquitous over the last decade. This is a truer “classic” sweater look than the faux-classic laces that so many teams pasted onto preexisting designs.

So, the real test: will I buy one?

They are not cheap. Like, $230 for what looks like only a select list of player names (or $190 for a blank sweater).

Still though, I probably will, at some point, yeah. They are unique, crisp enough in their details, and they look a lot more exciting with the team at 8-8-1 than they probably would have back at 1-7-1. Not that we’re saying we aren’t suckers for marketing regardless, but you know.

So, let’s hear it: what do you think about these threads?