Dallas Stars Unveil New Marketing Campaign; Set To Tour Lone Star State This Summer

The new campaign is something not seen from the Stars in.....well, I'm not sure they've done anything to this scale before.

When the Dallas Stars unveiled their new colors and logo last summer, the marketing nerd in me was caught up with one little segment presented during the lead up to the great unveil. The team executives were talking about what the footprint of the Stars was -- in other words, their "reach" geographically.

They didn't want to just be the hockey club of the DFW area, but also of basically the entire Southwest area. In a region where the nearest NHL team is in Arizona or Missouri, the Stars can really raise their brand awareness, as well as raising the profile of ice hockey in general, by spreading their brand throughout the rest of Texas and into New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Today, they are taking the first real step in doing just that.

The Stars released a big marketing campaign today, announcing a list of tour dates and cities that they will be in during the course of the rest of the summer. The cities they plan to reach outside of the DFW area are Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

A life-sized Stars logo will accompany the marketing team within each city. Fans are encouraged to take pictures wherever they see the star and tag it in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with the hashtag #LoneStarsState in order to be entered to win prizes. They'll be giving out two lower-level tickets to a non-premium game in the early part of the season (October and November) each day of the tour.

There is also a grand prize at the end of the Texas state tour of four lower-level tickets to a game that will include a press box and social media tour prior to the game. Each appropriately tagged picture will be entered to win the grand prize, so make sure to get out there and see the giant Stars logo!

Here is the schedule of when and where the tour will be. Be sure to watch the Stars social media accounts to see details of where within each city the Star will be for that day.

DFW area: July 18 to July 20, July 22 to July 27
Austin: July 30 to August 3
San Antonio: August 6 to August 10
Houston: August 13 to August 17
DFW: August 20 to August 24, August 27 to September 1