Tyler Seguin Shows Off His Moves in GoPro Video

The Stars All-Star forward is the latest NHLer to show some of his best tricks while wearing a GoPro camera.

It's not a surprise to Dallas Stars fans that Tyler Seguin has elite level-skill.

We've seen him make NHL goalies look silly from every area of the ice, net ridiculous empty netters and even score a goal when a donut when called upon to do so. So it's no surprise that, as part of its ongoing partnership with GoPro, the NHL decided to feature Seguin showing off some of his best stuff.

And it definitely is awesome (and slightly dizzying, like all GoPro stuff):

We can all marvel at the skill in a game, but seeing it a bit out of context only reinforces what ridiculous skills Seguin has.

The superman shootout move might not be the same when it's not Jamie Benn scoring with a miniature pumpkin, but what impresses me the most about this video is the stickhandling.

Anyone whose ever played hockey at any level knows how hard it can be to precision control the puck from stick to skate all the time, let alone two or even three. And if the GoPro camera rig somehow detached itself from me while skating, I'd probably fall down and hurt myself trying to save it rather than smoothly grabbing it out of the air.