Dallas Stars Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn Get Punked....By Their Moms

Mama Seguin and Mama Benn get some payback on their sons after their Valentine's Day shenanigans.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

In response to Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn pranking their moms on Valentine's Day with fake proposal news, Jackie Seguin and Heather Benn throw some cold water on their superstars' professional and personal lives:

Having your mom live with you when you're 23-25 years old and single? Cold. Just cold.

Here's my favorite parts of this prank the moms pulled over on the two Dallas Stars superstars.

1) Jackie Seguin really knows how to sell the idea of her becoming a sports agent. And I'm guessing this isn't the first crazy scheme she's come up with and told her son about, because Tyler Seguin bites on this one pretty hard.

2) Jamie Benn throws a bit of his own cold water back by telling his mom he knew she was just joking and playing along with it just for her. Takes a little fun out of it.

3) Tyler Seguin is genuinely surprised that he was got with this prank, but knew exactly who it was that orchestrated it when his mom said TSN.

4) Cabbie is going to regret not getting those after-party invites to hang with Tyler Seguin in Toronto this summer.

5) Don't ever hire a family member or friend to be your agent. It doesn't turn out well most of the time. Just ask Jack Johnson.

Whose prank was better - Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin's fake proposals or Jackie Seguin and Heather Benn's "moms as sports agents"?