Dallas Stars Thrice Weekly Links: Canadiens and Kings Win on the Road

In which nobody wants to win a home game!

I was going to talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but then I found this, and suddenly nothing I could say mattered.

Yes. All the hockey feels are belong to us.

And if you don't have a tear in your eye right now, then you didn't watch it all the way through. Seriously though. Holy son of a flippin' marzipan, but I love playoff hockey.

* * *

Speaking of playoff hockey, the Montreal Canadiens decided to make a series of it after all. Remember when the Canadiens outplayed the Rangers in Game 2 and lost? Well the hockey gods sought justice in Game 3, and gave the Canadiens the win, despite the Rangers outplaying them. Oh but if only we could just rely on Corsi to determine the winner and save ourselves all the drama of an actual hockey game! [Eyes on the Prize]

This one's after the fact, but it's also kind of in the middle of the fact. Can the Canadiens win with Dustin Tokarski in net? Well, they just did, so... [SB Nation]

The Rangers also think the Habs were lucky to win Game 3. Whatever. [Blueshirt Banter]

Also, in case you forgot, since they're only playing games every other week or so, the Blackhawks and Kings have begun a Conference Finals series as well. Naturally the Kings trounced the Blackhawks in Game 2, because home ice advantage doesn't mean a bless├ęd thing during the Conference Finals. [Cheer the Anthem]

Seriously, the home team is 1-4 thus far in the third round. That's not good. What is good though, is the Kings on the road. At least, lately. They're 6-2 over their last 8 road games this playoffs. I'd be pleased with that. [Jewels from the Crown]

Noooo!!! Antoine Roussel and Team France's magical run to the quarterfinals of the World Championships has ended... at the quarterfinals. Nobody's surprised, but still. [Stars Inside Edge]

Oh Canada. Or rather, ummm... Canada? Yeah, the Canadians join the United States as teams not competing in the semifinals of the World Championships. Finland's time to shine... [IIHF]

The Dallas Stars are done for the season, but the organization... well, there's still a lot to cheer for. [On the Radar]

A teeny-tiny quote from Jim Nill that allows room for rampant speculation! [NESN]

New IIHF rule proposals? *yawn* But wait! This one's worth a read, if only for the quote of Razor and the reference to Tim Peel. [Puck Daddy]

Down Goes Brown reminds us how good the Blackhawks and Kings are. And how good they're going to continue to be. [Grantland]

And lastly, with the NHL Playoffs in full swing, it's only right that we end this piece with a video from an AHL game. Either that, or the graphics for EA Sports' NHL series are getting really good, and the person controlling this player needs to up the difficulty level from easy...