Dallas Stars Season in Memes: Sometimes They Are Super Serious, Sometimes Not So Much

A lot of very important research went in to figuring out exactly why our team is the best team. These are the results.

The Dallas Stars had a lot of glorious achievements in the 2015-16 season: the best start in franchise history, the worst January ever (I'm sorry, I did say glorious), another return to the playoffs, finishing first in the Western Conference, a playoff series win.

With so much to be proud of this season and so many other people talking about it, we're gonna talk about rubber duckies instead. Or, one single rubber ducky. And a lot of other stuff.

In July, Tyler Seguin posed for the ESPN Body Issue. You know, the one where professional athletes pose naked with paraphernalia from their sport.

No, dude. I said their SPORT.

There we go. The rubber ducky was so ubiquitous though that the Dallas Stars have started selling their own branded rubber ducks. There have also been t-shirts. Oh and this.

It was later said to be one of his teammates (Jamie only lives a few blocks away, just sayin').

The Rubber Duck IncidentTM also meant fun interviews like this one:

And Jamie:

Gifs source: whydidtylersaythat

Also during the offseason, Jamie Benn unfortunately remembered he had a twitter account and used it to chirp teammate Jason Demers while the two were together at the AAC for an event.

Cue, of course, the natural reaction of twitter.

I'm not going to embed them all here, but do yourselves a favor and check out the write up on Deep In the Heart of Hockey or this storify for more tweets.

And it would seem that, despite stating last year that he'd rather be staked to an ant hill than ride a roller coaster, Jamie Benn rode the Batman ride at the Six Flags season ticket holder event.

At the first game of the season, Jamie Benn was presented with the Art Ross Trophy he'd won in the last seconds of the last game of the previous season. Have you ever seen a person look more uninterested in receiving an award for excellence in their field?

Source: gfhockey

Later in October, Michael Gruber, the music director for the Dallas Stars, trolled the Vancouver Canucks by playing Nickelback for most of the second period. The scoreboard helped, of course.

As you might recall, that second period wasn't exactly awesome for the Stars, and the Nickelback trolling almost sucked the life out of the team, but they managed to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the third period to win the game in overtime.

In November, Julie Dobbs gave us access to the seating chart on the plane on Stars Insider:

Source: simakisa

And then later that month the scoreboard poked at the Toronto sports fans' habit of throwing things on the field.

If you're a Texas Rangers fan, maybe don't actually look at the first response to that tweet from the Toronto Blue Jays. It'll dredge up some hard feelings.

December saw the Stars rollin'.

Source: bennguin-1491

In December, we had this clever sign from a fan when the Stars played the Blackhawks.

And New Year's Eve saw this gem on the scoreboard:

From imgur

In February, this video was posted on Instagram of Jordie Benn, Jason Demers, and erstwhile Star Ryan Garbutt dancing. During the video Jordie and Jason engage in what I can only hope is the d-man dance they admitted to doing back when they were regular partners.

Source: book23worm

I mean honestly, though, why else would they know all the steps? Poor Ryan Garbutt has no clue what's going on and just steps out of the way for the magic to happen.

And that, friends, is where I leave you for this installment, as this is already enormously long. Did I miss your favorites? What would you like to see in part 2?