Ask A Dallas Stars Scout Questions

Anything you want to know is now at your finger tips.

A Dallas Stars amateur scout has graciously agreed to take your questions about what he does and the scouting process in general. Most people don't know a ton about how scouting works, and those that do have an idea most likely have never been scouts so the finer points aren't clear. Regardless of where you fit on the spectrum, you can now add some clarity to your view of the process.

If you have a question you would like answered just post it in the comments or email it to me. My email can be found in my profile. I don't know how many questions will come rolling in so I can't guarantee they will all get asked, but I do plan to send the best ones along.

We'll keep the window for asking questions open for a few days. Ask away and we'll get the answers up in the very near future.