Dallas Stars RW Antoine Roussel Fined For Punching Justin Braun

The Stars right winger won't be suspended after all.

The NHL has announced that Dallas Stars forward Antoine Roussel will be fined the maximum amount allowable under the CBA for his "sucker punch" on San Jose Sharks defenseman Justin Braun.

Late in the game against the Sharks as the Stars were attempting to tie the game, goaltender Alex Stalock tried to do an odd "catch the puck and bat it out of the zone" maneuver that left him rather vulnerable outside of the crease. Roussel got a bit overzealous in his attempt to knock the puck free from Stalock, and ended up punching the goaltender in the mask.

While Roussel's punch of Stalock resulted in a minor penalty, it was his punch on Justin Braun in the ensuing scrum that really drew the ire of the team. Roussel was attempting to explain himself to the ref and was jumped by the Sharks, and in that scramble he threw a punch into the face of a player already being restrained.

That's a no-no, doesn't matter what the circumstances might be.

A fine in this case fits the crime, as it were. There's not too much to complain about with the NHL's decision.

You can see the full play below: