Dallas Stars Prospect Cole Ully Has Hot Start To WHL Season

The Dallas Stars fifth round pick from 2013 has had a hot start to the WHL season. Will he force the Dallas Stars to have to offer him an entry level contract?

Cole Ully, the Dallas Stars fifth round pick (131st overall) in 2013 is off to a hot start in his fourth season in the WHL.

In the first 6 games he's played for the Kamloops Blazers he's had ten points (4-6-10) and is fourth in the WHL in terms of points scored at the time of writing; the top scorer has 13 points. While it seems unlikely that he will continue his 1.6 points per game performance through the entire regular season (That would equal 115 points) he looks like he is on course to break his previous season best of 72 points last year.

His 72 points from last year was on a team that was poor and finished in the basement of the WHL. He took the team on his back and pushed them, though it wasn't enough to get them into the WHL post season. With some more help from his team he could potentially break the 80 point mark, if not higher.

Other Dallas Stars prospects who came from the WHL, such as Matej Stransky and Scott Glennie, have broken this barrier. However they were playing on much better teams than Cole Ully. If he can break the 80 point barrier, with a less talented supporting cast, it will be an impressive feat for the young forward.

He's a highly creative forward and has an excellent release alongside his playmaking skills. He plays on the Blazers top line and in all situations, registering both powerplay and penalty kill time.

You can see highlights from last season here:

Despite this Ully tends to be more of an unknown for Dallas Stars prospects and I think, in terms of the organisation, is ranked lower than others. At Traverse City Ully spent most of his time assigned to the fourth line while the Stars only other WHL prospect, Brett Pollock, was on the top two lines.

Pollock was at the Stars training camp while Ully was sent back to the Kamloops Blazers for the start of their regular season. Why does this matter though?

Cole Ully has yet to sign an entry level contract with the Dallas Stars. If he doesn't sign he can re-enter the draft. If he continues at the pace that he has been showing so far, admittedly a small sample size, he should be on course for the Stars to offer him a contract.

The Dallas Stars don't really have another prospect like Cole Ully. He's a highly skilled offensive forward; but he's not a big powerful one. Instead of brutalising size and strength he's quick and evasive. He's someone that, in my opinion, the Stars need to keep in the organisation.

If Ully continues on the pace he is showing, the Stars will have to offer him a contract.