Dallas Stars Postgame Graham Wrapper Episode 6 - Reset Button Malfunctions

The Dallas Stars may want to consider investing in a new machine after the reset button failed to solve their issues.

When your computer isn't working, you hit the reset button.

When the computer eventually boots back up, the reset button has successfully done its job.

When you have to repeatedly press the reset button because the computer stubbornly refuses to work, it's time to invest in a new machine. Sooner or later, that hard drive is going to fail. You better hope you have all of your data backed up before it fails, or you're pretty much screwed.

This anecdote is a personal experience of mine, but in my opinion, it also perfectly describes the Dallas Stars right now.

Be sure to check out Steve Dangle's take on this game once he publishes it.

UPDATE: Here's Steve's LFR.