Dallas Stars Patrick Eaves Wins Second Straight Smashfest Title

Fellow teammate Antoine Roussel also participated in the event. Elsewhere, Tyler Seguin and Jason Spezza made friends with a very well known tennis player.

The offseason is a great time for fans to get to know a little more about the players on the team(s) they follow. With more free time on their hands, and the handiness of instant postability using apps on their phones, players allow us to get a glimpse at their life in the offseason.

The Dallas Stars were busy this past week, and thanks to the wonders of Twitter we could all follow along on their adventures.

Antoine Roussel and Patrick Eaves both played in the annual Smashfest ping-pong tournament hosted in Toronto. The Dallas Stars forwards made up half of the final four in the singles match. Roussel would fall in the semi-final round, while Eaves went on to capture his second championship in a row. In the midst of ping-pong playing, Roussel and Eaves, along with the other pros and 600 guests in attendance, raised over $500,000 for cancer research as well as concussion research.

Eaves won the championship game, but there's no word on whether the next opponent he faced ended his streak.

Elsewhere in Toronto, Stars forwards Tyler Seguin and Jason Spezza took the court with Novak Djokovic and other tennis and hockey stars for the annual ball hockey game as part of the Rogers Cup. Complete with his trademark expressions.

So far, the Stars' forwards seem to be winning the offseason. Your turn, blueline...