Second Round Predictions: Colorado vs Dallas

How does our staff think the Stars will fare against the high-flying Avalanche?

The first round is officially over! Under normal circumstances, that might mean a day off from hockey, but not in 2020 — this year, we just jump right into it.

The second round begins tonight with the Colorado Avalanche facing off against the Dallas Stars. Dallas, as you all know, eliminated the Calgary Flames in dramatic fashion on Thursday, scoring seven(!) times to beat the Flames.

The Avalanche also eliminated the Arizona Coyotes by scoring seven goals. Twice. In fact, they tied with the Vancouver Canucks for most goals in the first round (22), with the Stars (21) following closely behind them.

So who will win in a battle between offensive titans? Let’s see what our staff has to say — we went 17-1 in our first round predictions involving the Avalanche and Stars, with one lonely writer picking the Flames. Jokes on him!

Colorado Avalanche (2) vs Dallas Stars (3)

Taylor: I think this comes down to whether the Stars can lock in their defense a little more and stop allowing shorthanded goals to an even more dangerous team than the Flames were. It’ll be closer than some think, but the Avalanche look terrifyingly dominant. Avalanche in 6.

Robert: I will report everyone who picks the Avalanche to the Hockey Fan Loyalty Board. I think they’ll let Colorado win a game, just because the Dallas Stars hockey team are a bunch of very nice men. Stars in 5.

Logan: The Avalanche have a fully healthy roster for the first time since last fall and came out of the gate roaring once in the bubble. The Stars managed to douse the Flames in a triumphant Game 6, but they’ll need to maintain that offensive output consistently if they want to stymie the high-scoring, quick-striking Avalanche. After the up-and-down series against Calgary? Dallas, thy name is not Consistent. Avalanche in 6.

Derek: With how dominant the Avs have been thus far into the playoffs, I don’t like ANY team’s chances against them, not just the Stars’. I do think Dallas will find a way to win a couple games, especially since their offense finally came alive in the Flames series, but the ice is going to be tilted oversll and the results of the round will reflect that. Avalanche in 6.

Wes: Though they won the series, all of the classic Dallas Stars flaws were on display. They no showed game one, turtled in game 3 and spotted the Flames a 3-goal lead in game 6. They trailed in 3 of the 4 games they won. That will not work against a team as good as Colorado. If Dallas fixes things, they’ve got a shot. Then again, they’ve shown no ability to fix these problems this season so far. Why start now? Avalanche in 6.

Ann: The Avalanche have been dominant in the round robin and against the Coyotes. Although, I mean, it was the Coyotes. Still, the Stars are anything but consistent. Could that be the magic? Who knows. Either way, I let my heart pick. Stars in 7.

Tyler: Game 6 was fun and all, but not a recipe for success. I still believe Colorado is the best in the West and that Dallas, well, isn’t. Plus, I went against the Stars last time, and that worked out pretty well for them. Avalanche in 6.

Rob M: The Stars did what they were expected to do. Or maybe they shocked everybody? Either way, the Stars handled the Flames in the most Stars way possible. Up next are the deadly Avalanche whose game is the polar opposite of the Stars. In a battle of styles, this series will come down to who does it better. Stars in 7.

Mark: This goes against my general nature, but the Stars, when they score, match up well with the Avalanche. This is going to be a great series. Stars in 7.

Final Tally: Colorado 5, Dallas 4