Stanley Cup Final Predictions: The Blues, Bruins, and #GiantMeteor

You shouldn’t listen to us, but here are our predictions for the last round anyways.

At this point, do you honestly have to ask how our last round of predictions went?

On a related note, congratulations to Mark! Not only has he clinched the best overall record among the Defending Big D staff — he technically did so before last round, but I forgot to mention it — but he’s also the only person who will finish at .500 and above. That’s right, folks — you’d have been better off just flipping a coin rather than reading our playoff predictions.

So go ahead and close that tab and grab a quarter. Or keep reading to figure out who our staff favors as the eventual Stanley Cup champions, and then bet your life savings on the other team.

[Editor’s Note: These predictions were made before Game 1.]

St. Louis Blues (West) vs Boston Bruins (East)

Robert: Back in 2011, we were faced with a similar choice: Boston or Vancouver. Much as it pained me then, rooting for the Bruins was (and is now) the lesser of two evils, as it gave us the continued existence of the hapless Canucks. Besides, it’s not like Bruins fans can get any more insufferable. Anyway, come quickly, Giant Meteor. Bruins in 4.

Logan: For some reason, my Twitter timeline keeps showing me all the heartwarming videos of the St. Louis players doing awesome charity work during their playoff run. I feel like a traitor for the emotions I’m feeling about it all. Boston may have steamrolled Carolina and be hungry for yet another championship, but St. Louis has been just as hard-hitting and determined. I’m excited for a repeat of the Bobby Orr photo, hopefully this time by a Blues player. Blues in 6.

Derek: Boston’s power play has been lethal all playoffs, but the Blues haven’t been getting called much at all over the past two rounds, so that advantage will probably disappear. Tuukka Rask will keep them involved all series long, though. However, this Blues team has just kept finding ways to win since the midway point of the season, and they really got to a pretty good Sharks club. It won’t be pretty, but they’ll find ways to win their franchise’s first Stanley Cup. Blues in 7.

Ann: It will be a cold day in hell when I bring myself to predict any joy for St. Louis. I didn’t think either team would get this far, I can’t even begin to divorce my emotions from this decision. I’m #TeamMeteor in truth, but here in the real world I gotta go Bruins in 7.

Tyler: Look, let’s not kid ourselves — we all know how this is going to end. Blues in 4.

Rob M: I can’t and won’t root for any team that has employed Brad Marchand. Therefore, I will put my hurt and hate for the Blues aside. Blues in 6.

Mark: In 2004, for the first and only time in my life, I wanted the Yankees to win. They were playing the Red Sox, and the Sox hadn’t won the World Series since my grandfather was 16. As an Oriole fan, I at least had that. Hated myself for going with the Yankees, hated that the Sox won. Just a miserable feeling all around. Don’t want that feeling again, so absent the Giant Meteor, Bruins in 7.

Cody: Tuukka Rask is going to carry the series and finish the playoffs as the Conn Smythe winner. Jaden Schwartz goes quiet and puts a dent in the Blues scoring. Bruins in 5.

Final Tally: Bruins 4, Blues 4