Tyler Seguin Shaves Jordie Benn's Beard: Super Bowl Bet Pays Off

A Super Bowl bet payoff told through Twitter.

If there's a divide among the Dallas Stars locker room, or at least among apparent sports best friends Jamie and Jordie Benn and Tyler Seguin, it might just be NFL rooting interests.

After all, the Benn brothers hail from Victoria, British Columbia, definitely in Seattle Seahawks territory on the west coast of Canada. As a Toronto native, Seguin doesn't have a true hometown team, but he seems to have adopted the New England Patriots from the time he spent as a Boston Bruins player.

So when the two teams played each other in the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, it was a house divided.

It's like watching your parents fight, except this time there were apparently amusing bets involved between at least one of the Benn brothers and Seguin.

That bet became publish this afternoon when a crowd gathered in the locker room to watch the ceremonial payoff. Jordie Benn, who has sported the lumberjack look for more than a year now, was going to have to part with his facial hair.

Here's a last look at the beard's final, glorious moments.

As always when a teammate is going to be embarrassed in good-natured fashion, a crowd gathered to watch. I especially like how they thoughtfully put down a mat to protect the floor, given all the nasty things one expects to find in a locker room environment.

If it wasn't enough to have to say goodbye to the beard, the barber was none other than Seguin himself, who seemed to enjoy the process quite a bit.

The Stars also put it in moving pictures, because what good is a little sports bet humiliation without getting it captured on video?

I don't know who asked if they were donating the beard to a good cause, but they are my new favorite person.

And what was on the line for Seguin you might ask? According to various Tweets, if the Seahawks hadn't been turned back at the goal line, Benn would have kept his beard while Seguin's head would have been shaved. You can insert all the potential comedy that would have brought forth here.

The whole episode will be featured on Stars Insider on Tuesday before the game against the Colorado Avalanche. If you're like me and live out of market, the team has been very good about getting the show up online 24 hours or so after the original airing.

Until then though, this clip will have to help tide you over.

You do have to wonder, if this was the bet with the elder Benn brother, was there one with the team captain as well? And if so, will the payoff be nearly as publicly entertaining? Inquiring minds want to know.

[Ed. note: Full video of the shaving has surfaced, so of course we're going to share that with you here:

The editorial commentary from the teammates is really the best.]