Dallas Stars' John Klingberg Uses A Lot Of Sunscreen In Texas, Has Bromance With Defenseman Jason Demers

John Klingberg brought his shining personality to the Twittersphere this afternoon.

John Klingberg has been settling into the Dallas Stars since he arrived a year ago. He's come a long way from the hotel and living out of a suitcase days when he first arrived. He signed a seven year contract extension earlier this year. Reportedly he's been looking for a house.

On the ice, he's become a key part of the Dallas Stars blueline -- and a main contributor to the early season success of the power play and even strength scoring.

Klingberg continued settling into the Dallas Stars landscape with a Twitter Q&A. We learned a lot about the Swedish defenseman, though I really wish he would have answered whether or not he wanted to build a snowman with me.

1. Klingberg's pale skin requires lots of sunscreen - though not as much as Cody Eakin's.

2. Most people believe he should bring back the cornrows.

Unfortunately, in the Periscoped version of the Q&A, Klingberg said he wasn't likely to bring it back. And the world is deprived of another great thing.

3. Only Texas steaks beat out Swedish food.

Apparently IKEA has the best Swedish food in Dallas, and Swedish meatballs are his favorite.

He also had the stereotypical Swedish response to the ever-important karaoke question.

4. Jason Demers would be a vital item for Klingberg's deserted island.

5. Colgate > Crest

You can see the full Twitter Q&A here.