Dallas Stars Defenseman Jason Demers Expounds on Kevin, Klingberg's Paleness in Twitter Q&A

We're all having fun on social media Monday thanks to Jason Demers ascending the throne of Dr Pepper and taking questions from fans.

There are good days in Dallas Stars social media world, and there are great days. Today became a great day in the late morning as the team announced defenseman Jason Demers (who, incidentally, was walking normally today and may be able to play on Tuesday after suffering a lower-body injury on Saturday) would ascend the throne of Dr Pepper in Frisco and answer Twitter questions from fans.

With an setup like this, how could it go wrong?

There are so many, many more great responses than what we've pulled for you here. You really should go to @DallasStars and read the entire session, which lasted more than an hour.

After all, when the very first question/answer out of the gate is this, you know it's going to be good:

Here are some of the other highlights, starting with the answer most likely to result in every single article of his clothing taped together in his locker at some point in the near future:

He answered the important questions that have been causing Twitter debate all summer:

For those times when we plan to throw all 23 of the players into an arena, he let us know who to put our money on:

And he maintained the mystery surrounding the Stars most enigmatic nickname:

In fact, it seemed to be the great Kevin show at times during the Q&A:

Other teammates didn't escape his mention though, with special mentions to Antoine Roussel:

And the Stars wondertwins of the first line, Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn:

Jordie Benn got quite a lot of love as well, particular with this answer:

We really can't put all the greatness in this session here. As said above, we strongly advise you to head to @DallasStars and check out the whole thing or else we'll be here all day laughing together.

So let's all go celebrate Demers' one-year anniversary with the Stars the way he would, by watching this clip on repeat and following his advice: