Dallas Stars Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin Don't Know Dallas Trivia Very Well

Frozen margarita machines, german chocolate cake, 7-11 stores....all topics the Dallas Stars' superstars Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin don't know a whole lot about.

With the Dallas Stars on the road, and in the NHL hockey mecca of Toronto last night, Sportsnet's Sophia Jurksztowicz caught up with some of the Stars players to see how much they know about the town the represent. It....did not go so well.

Jamie Benn, the leader of the Dallas Stars on and off the ice, got maybe two questions right in the mostly "true or false" questions (though I will say that as a Canadian he was at a distinct disadvantage when talking about the weather given the different metrics used). Even after calling Dallas home for six years now, Benn doesn't know some of the more fun facts about the city he represents. Can you outscore him?

Tyler Seguin, the other half of the explosive offensive duo leading the Stars, did not comport himself much better. Though, he had wittier comebacks to some of the questions asked. My favorite was his "He's going to hell" comment after a question about a man operating a church by day and a swingers club by night.