Your Take: Dallas Stars Introduce Victor E. Green as New Mascot

What are fans thoughts on the fuzzy green alien joining the legion of NHL mascots to represent the Stars?

The Dallas Stars introduced their first mascot in recent memory at the season-opening Icebreaker event on Saturday, showing Victor E. Green to an audience for the first time.

The fuzzy green alien who wears cowboy boots and has hockey sticks for... ears? antenna? is not the first mascot in Stars history. There was a short-lived duo of Starsky and Puck early in the Dallas run, and yes, they look exactly as you would think with those names.

Here's what Victor looks like:

And here's his bio, that you can conveniently print off and color if you're having a slow weekend:

Reaction in person appeared to be positive while reaction on social media was a little more mixed (with an important caveat here that someone, somewhere on social media hates anything you can think of).

A few personal thoughts on the thing:

  • I'm so glad that if the Stars are going with a mascot, it's an indistinguishable alien rather than something more themed or lifelike. While there is something to be said for the charm of Otey the Swamp Possum or Henry the Puffy Taco as creatures that represent something a little more familiar, many of those come off as a little nightmare inducing as they dance in the uncanny valley. And can you imagine the eye-rolling if it had been a cowboy?
  • While I'm generally accepting of the mascot, I will be more disappointed if it shows up in, say, the pre-game pageantry. As a marketing tool and in-game entertainment for the youngest fans in attendance? That's perfect.
  • That said, videos with Tyler Seguin teaching it to skate or Antoine Roussel teaching it to fight could be comedy gold.
  • Also, the fact that he would formally be called Mr. Green is a wonderful little detail, both honoring the man who brought the Stars to Texas and poking at that small branch of fans who forget Minnesota wouldn't build the team a better arena (and that fans then didn't come to games as things went, um, south).
  • Overall, I think it's clearly not aimed at me, looks like it could give a great hug to a 6-year-old and avoids any unfortunate implications. There have been much creepier and, well, poorly designed mascots in NHL history. If the team believes a mascot can be beneficial for the littlest fans, this is a pretty solid way to go.

So, loyal DBD readers, what do you think of Mr. Green as the Stars new mascot?