Dallas Stars 2015-2016 Impact Player Rankings #4: Jason Spezza

Jason Spezza will be one of the players leading the secondary scoring for the Dallas Stars this season.

Everyone knows the Dallas Stars offense is driven by the two-headed bromance of Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. And I do mean everyone. Opposing teams will put their best lines out against the Stars' top line in an effort to try to contain their potent scoring ability.

Which is why it is important that the Stars are able to put out a second line that can take some of the scoring burden off of Benn and Seguin.

Jason Spezza, as the center for the Stars second line scoring threat, will need to be one of the players leading that charge. On nights when Benn and Seguin are unable to break through, the Stars will need a legitimate secondary scoring threat.

Spezza was admittedly uncomfortable at the beginning of the season in a new time and new city last year. He had the lowest shooting percentage of his career, and still managed to put up 60+ points last season. With another year in Lindy Ruff's system, and a year of getting comfortable in the city and in the locker room, Spezza should be able to replicate, if not outdo, his performance this coming season.

On top of even strength scoring, Spezza should have a big impact on the Stars power play. The man advantage did not really start clicking for Dallas until later in the season once everyone had gained some comfort with one another -- and John Klingberg turned into a revelation.

A deadlier power play will give the Stars a better chance in the murder death kill Central Division. If the Stars hope to make the playoffs, they need better than middling special teams and a solid second scoring line. Spezza will need to lead the way if the Stars expect to be better in those areas.

If When the Stars get to the playoffs, Spezza's experience and leadership in the room should serve the team well to get out of the first round.